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Elliot Harkavy has  20 years experience in homeland security, strategic planning, market strategy, competitive intelligence, IT planning and operations improvement. He provides his clients with a blend of business knowledge, technology vision, project management, and operations experience.


Mr. Harkavy is involved in Homeland Security in a number of capacities. He spent 5 years with the Department of Homeland Security as part of FEMA’s Operations directorate.  He served as watch officer in FEMA Region III for 4 hurricanes in 2004, served in the gulf in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and served as an operations planner for Hurricane Ernesto in 2005, analyzing contingencies  for the FEMA Administrator, the Homeland Security Secretary and POTUS.   He also served as DHS’ State Liaison Officer to DC for numerous National Special Security Events, including the state funerals for Presidents Reagan and Ford. He has worked on developing the National Capital Region supplement to the National Emergency Response Operations Plan, in addition to responding to a number of emergencies and exercises.


He has served on on four Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Task Forces on the National Homeland Security Target Capabilities List (TCL), including three focused on Long Term Recovery capabilities.  Other recent projects include: Managing an FY06 NCR Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) grant for Regional Mass Care Preparedness; updating the Emergency Health and Medical Services Annex to the DC District Response Plan, writing and implementing a DHS UASI grant to organize Nonprofits in the National Capital Region in Emergency Preparedness


Mr. Harkavy also serves as an emergency responder in such capacities as the volunteer Disaster Planning Chair of the American Red Cross of the National Capital Area (Red Cross NCA).  In his capacity with the Red Cross, he is responsible for ensuring that plans are in place to respond to small and large disasters across the NCR.   He served as the Partner Services Officer for the 56th Presidential Inauguration, the Logistics Officer for the Red Cross NCA response to Hurricane Isabel and the DC Anthrax Attacks in October, 2001.  He prepared the Red Cross’ after-action evaluation report for those events as well as parts of the Red Cross Response to Hurricane Katrina in Southeast Louisiana.   He has been a responder to every major emergency the National Capital Region has faced over the past few years, including the attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center, Hurricane Isabel, Hurricane Katrina, the DC Anthrax Attacks, the LaPlata Tornado and the DC Sniper.  


Mr. Harkavy is certified as an Outdoor Emergency Care Technician by the National Ski Patrol and is certified as a First Responder by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.