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Elliot Harkavy has  20 years experience in strategic planning, market strategy, competitive intelligence,  energy efficiency and operations improvement. He provides his clients with a blend of business knowledge, technology vision, project management, and operations experience.


EGH & Associates has been focused on management consulting to nonprofit organizations since it’s founding in 2001.  Elliot Harkavy, CEO,  has been working with nonprofits as a consultant, volunteer and board/committee member since graduating form the Wharton School of Business in 1989.  His practice includes strategic planning, fundraising strategy development, operations improvement, energy efficiency and other general management offerings to the commercial and nonprofit communities. 


Mr. Harkavy is currently working with Southport Power, a renewable energy company, on developing multiple renewable energy parks integrating Solar, Wind, Hyrdro and SmartGrid technologies throughout the state of Vermont under that state’s SPEED program.   Activities include identifying potential sites, evaluating sites for renewable energy potential and identifying appropriate technologies for the sites.  He is also working on a project with a DC area group designing a carbon neutral sports arena, to include not only energy efficiency in the design, but also emergency services requirements.


As part of his business, Mr. Harkavy keeps apprised of the latest technologies in renewable energy, such as photovoltaic inks,, vertical axis wind turbines and concentrated solar power systems.  He also keeps apprised of the latest in green building technologies and energy efficient transportation technologies.  Based on his knowledge and experience, Mr.. Harkavy chairs the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Working Group of Bethesda Green, a nonprofit focused on making Bethesda the “Greenest” community in the country.  He also sits on Bethesda Green’s Recycling Working Group and Education, Outreach & Marketing Working Group.


As a small business owner, Mr. Harkavy is aware of how environmental issues can impact business owners.  He learned early in his career that business people often listen more strongly to the economic case for environmentalism than any other argument.  In 1990, Mr. Harkavy was instrumental in starting the paper recycling program at Price Waterhouse Coopers (Coopers & Lybrand, at that time).  He was working on a project that was printing and disposing of cases of paper each day.  This project coincided with the 20th anniversary revival of Earth Day.  One recycler at the Earth Day festival made the simple economic case for his service.  He stated he would pay $34/ton for white paper, while the trash haulers charged $80+/ton to haul trash.  There was a net gain of $114/ton to recycle.  This information was packaged into a short memo focusing on the economic gain, with a few other points about the benefits to the corporate image and employee satisfaction.  When he handed the memo to the managing partner he laughed and labeled him "The Green Guy" for the rest of his career.  However, when the partner handed it to the office manager, she immediately ordered the recycling service.  By the next day, there were recycling bins at every desk and the cleaning contractor was told to hire an additional person to pull the paper out of the trash.   


Mr. Harkavy is committed to reducing environmental footprint, ensuring sustainable development and promoting an environmental ethic.  He has been a strong advocate for, and active participant in recycling programs since college.  His environmental ethic extends beyond basic recycling.  Currently, he is completing the renovation of his house, bringing this 1938 brick cottage in line with LEED Gold standards.  As part of this renovation, many of the old items are reused or recycled rather than disposed of in a landfill.  To achieve this goal, he has been partnering with the nonprofit Community Forklift.  He is also trying to use environmentally friendly materials, installed Energy Star Appliances and complied with green building standards to the greatest extent possible.  While he has not yet committed to doing so, he is also looking into the cost feasibility of adding renewable energy to this renovation project.  Such an installation may include use of photovoltaic films, solar hot water as well as the addition of a small wind turbine, if cost effective.


Prior to opening EGH & Associates in 2001, Mr. Harkavy worked for a firm known as both “Operon Partners” and “Strategic Ventures Group”.  Operon/SVG was focused on helping internet based businesses explore the latest technologies and market strategies to provide greater value to customers with market advantage against competitors, resulting in greater profits to investors.  He is looking forward to providing these same skills in the clean energy arena.